Web Hosting

Web hosting is the provision of your "piece of the internet" to display your website.
We have been hosting websites for over 10 years and host many hundreds of websites.

We host websites in multiple locations around the UK to reduce the risk of internet connectivity problems affecting all of our hosted websites.

How much does website hosting cost?

Like many of the services provided by Cirencester Web Design, our website hosting services can be tailored to your exact requirements. So we can provide a web hosting service which matches your exact needs rather than providing a fixed service which may not.

Call us now on 0870 321 8450 for full details.

Do you host websites on Windows servers or Unix servers?

If you don't understand this question, then suffuce it to say that we provide a web hosting service best matched to your requirement.

If you do understand the question then you will be interest to know that we can provide Windows web hosting as well as Unix or Linux hosting.

Can we host a database with your web hosting service?

We can host mySQL databases, MS SQL databases and Access databases, If you have a web hosting requirement for another type of database then we can probably provide hosting for your type of database too. Please call us to discuss your requirements.

Website Hosting Options

Our flexible website hosting packages include options for:

Windows web servers
Linux web servers
Database hosting
Unlimited bandwidth